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AOS, Inc. advances science by building atmospheric instrumentation
and providing observations of the Earth's climate.

Observational Platforms

Piloted PlanePiloted Aircraft

A wide range of piloted aircraft can accommodate the AOS sampling and measurement equipment. AOS currently uses a Cessna 210T for its piloted aircraft missions. On piloted aircraft the CO2 Airborne Analyzer System is typically used to gather data. On larger piloted aircraft with rack-mount systems the CO2 Rack-Mount Analyzer System can be used. Optionally, the Programmable Flask Package and Programmable Compressor Package can also be included to store air samples at particular positions and altitudes during the mission for later analysis in the laboratory.  Examples of the data generated with the piloted aircraft are available on our Observations page.

Piloted Ship Piloted Ships

Most of the AOS measurement equipment can be used on piloted ships. The most commonly used systems are the CO2 Rack-Mount Analyzer and Ocean Flux Analyzer System (in development). Additionally, piloted ships act as mission launch points for the UAV and USV (see below).  Examples of the data generated with the piloted ship platform is available on our Observations page.

Ground PlatformGround

AOS's ground based equipment can be used in handheld, stationary or vehicle based configurations. Air samples can be taken for later analysis in the laboratory or analysis can take place in real time in a mobile configuration. The CO2 Airborne Analyzer System, Programmable Flask Package and Programmable Compressor Package can be adapted to mobile ground base operations.  Visit our Observations page for examples of the data that is collected with our ground platforms.

eUAV PlatformAOS eUAV

The AOS eUAV (expendable Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) is designed as an autonomous plane with an integrated CO2 analysis package. It has the ability to take off from a runway or be launched from its associated launch platform from a point on land or sea. Flights of the plane over land and sea have been very successful. Analyzer integration and autonomous flight functionality are the current focus of development efforts. See images and video of the eUAV in the multimedia section.  As data becomes available for the eUAV platform, it will be posted on our Observations page.

Platforms Under Development


The AOS USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle) is a water based vehicle with autonomous navigation capabilities and an integrated CO2 analysis package. Based from either land or piloted ship the USV can take extended CO2 flux measurements in a predetermined area. The USV is still in early stages of development, but progress is expected to be swift due to the already mature analysis equipment available at AOS and large capacity of the USV. Visit the multimedia section for images and video of the USV as they become available.

High Altitude Balloon PlatformHigh Altitude Balloon

The AOS High Altitude Balloon platform is still on the conceptual stage. It is intended to take CO2 analysis to the higher regions of the atmosphere where the UAV and piloted aircraft leave off. High altitude balloons are already widely used and AOS will primarily focus on packaging its CO2 analysis equipment for this platform. Keep visiting the AOS Platforms page for more information about our progress with this platform.

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